Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Former Knollenberg Staffer Annouces County Commission Run

Well, this is interesting. A former Knollenberg campaign worker, John Witt, announced he is challenging Tim Burns for the 19th District of the County Commission. I wonder how if John thinks that his being aligned with Joe (33% approval) Knollenberg will be an advantage. It's kind of like aligning yourself with George (24% approval) W. Bush. I wonder if "fiscally responsible" means the he wants to continue to use the government credit card, as has been the policy of Joe Knollenberg and George W. Bush.

As an aside, the web site mentioned in the press release comes up "page not found."

CONTACT: John Witt
Phone: (248) 229-8801
E-mail: wjohn@aol.com
Blog: www.johnwitt.blospot.com

January 28, 2008

The John Witt for County Commissioner Campaign issued the following press release:
Today, John Witt filed his candidacy for County Commissioner for the 19th District as a Republican candidate. Witt had the following to say about his campaign:

"I am running for County Commissioner because I will be a strong representative of the 19th District and provide a much needed fresh perspective on the Board of Commissioners. I am proud to be the candidate in this race most dedicated to fiscal conservatism and most dedicated to protecting the tax dollars of Oakland County residents. Today, I am demonstrating that very dedication by pledging to 19th District residents that I will never vote for a general county budget that increases at a rate higher than inflation and I will never vote to increase Oakland County's property tax millage rate. I also will work to make the Board of Commissioners more open and accessible to residents by pushing for the full Board meetings to take place in the evening and for these meetings to be televised. Furthermore, I will advocate for meeting minutes to be available in both hard copy and electronic form within three working days after a meeting. I will be a strong voice for the concerns of my constituents in Troy and Clawson. While I may not be the establishment's choice for the Republican nomination, I will work hard to become the people's choice. Instead of relying on the support of political insiders who reside outside the 19th District, I look forward to earning the support of Troy and Clawson voters. I will earn this support by always putting the 19th District first."

John Witt, an eight-year resident of Troy, has previously worked for Congressman Joe Knollenberg and the Keith Butler for United States Senate Campaign. He looks forward to using his fresh perspective to bring stronger, more fiscally responsible and resident-focused representation to the 19th District.

About John Witt
Education: B.A., summa cum laude, Saint Louis University, January 2008.
Graduate of Brother Rice High School, May 2004.

Political Intern in District Office of Congressman Joe Knollenberg.
Background: Campaign Assistant for Keith Butler for United States Senate.
Member, Troy-Clawson Republican Forum.
Member, Oakland County and Michigan Republican Party.


Zark-Vader said...

Good to see you're reading www.OaklandPolitics.com.

Have the decency to link to me next time.


PS - he interned at Knollenberg's office. I don't know that means anything.

Bruce Fealk said...

I'll be happy to use your link, but all I used was the press release, not your commentary.

Zark-Vader said...

I understand that. It's not even necessary that you link it - just acknowledge the source. There are many times where I don't use the commentary of a paper or article, but if I derive information from it I source it with some type of credit.

With this press release, I wasn't the first to obtain it, but probably the first media source to publish something about it. Unlike regular media, the internet allows me the privilege of reproducing the press release.

The guy was an intern for Joe - one of many - I'm surprised you find it that interesting. Must be a slow news day for you.