Thursday, January 31, 2008

Peters Raises Record Amount in Michigan's 9th

Peters raises record amount in Michigan's 9th

Oakland County, MI- Gary Peters continues to build overwhelming momentum in his bid for Congress in Michigan's 9th District. Peters has received more contributions to date than any previous candidate to take on Republican incumbent Joe Knollenberg and has garnered early key endorsements. Peters garnered support from almost 1000 individuals in the district including support from Republicans and Independents.

"Whether it's people I meet at house parties and club meetings or the nearly 1000 individuals that have contributed to our campaign, every day I see momentum building for our grassroots campaign. Our working families in Oakland County are fed-up with Washington and the direction of this country. Our message of change, fighting tooth and nail for jobs, and putting Oakland County first has really struck a chord."

Gary Peters is widely regarding for having a hands-on approach to solving local problems. He has a record of results and independence -- turning the lottery around, cutting taxes, holding the line on spending, and creating economic opportunity for the middle class.

In addition to his strong fundraising, Peters has received a flood of endorsements. Last week Peters received the full support and endorsement of the Michigan Association of Police Organizations, which represents over 14,000 police officers in Michigan. Peters has also recently received the endorsement of the American Federation of Teachers in Michigan as well as the Service Employees International Union, the fastest growing labor organization representing over 80,000 workers in Michigan. Peters has also received one of the earliest endorsements of the Michigan AFL-CIO which represents over 600,000 workers and 59 unions across the state.

Peters, who has been outspoken about our need for change in Oakland County, raised $183,414.00 last quarter, bringing the total funds raised of the campaign to $401,217, and has a cash on hand balance of $359,366. The Democrat who ran against Joe Knollenberg last cycle raised just under $24,000 in her end of the year filing in 2006. Peters has also exceeded David Fink, the top raising Democrat to challenge Knollenberg, who to date in Q4 of 2001 had amassed just under $370,000 thousand.


Kathy said...

People in Michigan and across the country are ready for change and Peters is just one of many Democrats who can lead us in a new, better direction.

MIKE said...

'right on' Kathy. I've been preaching it until I'm blue in the face - time for change!