Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Knollenberg Reactions to last Bush SOTU

Joe seems very concerned about alternative energy, which is a good thing. Too bad he hasn't taken the lead and introduced his own legislation to make this a reality. My guess is that his plan would be all about tax breaks for the auto companies. Where has Joe been on alternative energy for the past 14 year he's been in Congress? I'll tell you where, he's been blocking every attempt by Congress to raise fuel economy standards. The Big 3 is finally waking up to the fact that they can't just keep building SUV's and making outrageous profits on the large, gas guzzlilng models. Finally hybrids, fuel cells and biofuels were front and center at this year's auto show. Maybe Joe and the Big 3 finally see the writing on the wall. It will be a little too late for Joe though. This is Joe's last term in Congress.

From the Detroit Free Press

“I ... support the president’s call for bipartisan work on energy issues. The American auto industry is facing the reality of meeting new fuel economy standards in the coming years. Now that the government has issued this mandate, it is our responsibility to help them get there. That is why we need an aggressive and robust investment plan for alternative fuels, including advanced research in plug-in electric batteries and diesel technology.” — U.S. Rep. Joe Knollenberg, R-Bloomfield Township.
From the Detroit News

Rep. Joe Knollenberg, R-Bloomfield Hills, said Congress needs to do more to support automakers, now that they face the new mandate.

"I want to see more funding for plug-in hybrids, advanced batteries and clean diesels," Knollenberg said.
From the Detroit Free Press

Rep. Joe Knollenberg, a Bloomfield Township Republican, said the stimulus bill should also expand tax breaks for equipment bought by small businesses. "This is about jobs for families who need them, and we should take some bolder steps," he said.

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MIKE said...

My dad had an expression for people like Knollenberg -"Johnny come latelies".