Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How Will Joe Knollenberg Defend John McBush on this one?

Wow, the Michigan Republican Party and Joe Knollenberg really screwed up this time. Guess who dead set against the Boeing tanker? You guessed it. John McBush. And there's video. These were good paying, union jobs and John McBush and by extension, Joe Knollenberg, wanted the $40 Billion contract go to European manufacturer, Airbus. Now if this isn't a national security and economic issue for the American people, I don't know what is. Joe Knollenberg is alway saying how he wants to help American manufacturing companies, namely the American auto manufacturers. This decision by John McBush flies in the face of Joe Knollenberg's presumed allegiance to American manufacturers. CLICK HERE to read about how John McBush screwed American workers.

Now will Joe Knollenberg denounce and separate himself from John McBush? Let's see..

The quote below is from the Michigan Republican Party's daily newsletter from Saul Anuzis, the May 14 edition.
BOEING…THE TANKER DECISION…MAKE IT AMERICAN MADE…America’s military deserves the best tanker for the mission and America’s taxpayers deserve the most value for their money. It’s crazy for us to give this contract to the Europeans, when America needs the jobs and America needs to defend itself.

Here's the video of John McBush saying how he saved the taxpayers $2 billion by nixing the deal going to Boeing. He also nixed 40,000 good paying American jobs.

This video is Lou Dobbs expressing his outrage that the deal went to Airbus.


Kathy said...

Saul must have gotten the message from head Republicans about the need to change their image. Their new slogan is "The Change We Deserve." Yeah, that makes all their past sins go away. Where was all the outrage from Republicans about this tanker deal months ago? All they did was laugh at the idea of "protectionism" that keeps jobs here in America.

The Republicans are losing seat across the country and they're getting desperate, hence Saul's attempt to sound like he and other Republicans care about our jobs.

They can change their slogan, but they're still the same old Republicans. Their spots haven't changed.

MIKE said...

You got it Kathy. The only allegience RepubliCONS have is to greed - no matter who is hurt. McCain would sell out his mother if he thought it would get him a buck in campaign dough - or a vote.