Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Wonder if Joe Knollenberg's Jewish Supporters Will Tell Joe to Denounce Hagee and McCain After Hearing This

Audio Recording of McCain's Political Endorser John Hagee Preaching Jews Are Cursed and Subhuman
By Bruce Wilson Thu May 15, 2008 at 02:15:20 PM EST printable version print story
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Yesterday I discovered an astonishing audio recording of a sermon, by controversial McCain endorser Pastor John Hagee, in which Hagee elaborates on his view that Hitler and the Nazis were divine agents sent by God to (with gruesome inefficiency it would seem) chase Europe's Jews towards Palestine. In his 2006 book "Jerusalem Countdown", Hagee proposed that anti-Semitism, and thus the Holocaust, was the fault of Jews themselves - the result of an age old divine curse incurred by the ancient Hebrews through worshiping idols and passed, down the ages, to all Jews now alive. In the sermon Hagee also clarifies a point, on his theological views, that has long concerned me. I might have used any number of titles to describe this sermon by Pastor John Hagee, given in the late 1990's and then mass marketed as part of a book Hagee published in 2001 and republished in 2003, "The Battle For Jerusalem".

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MIKE said...

One wonder that if the media wasn't so Right Wing biased, they would have covered this "guilt by association" with McCain/Hagee like they did with Obama/Wright? I'm inclined to dismiss both, except the hypocracy demenstrated by the Right. Their pompous righteousness over so many moral issues when so many of "their own" are guilty of the same sins just drives me up a wall.