Friday, May 16, 2008

Lansing State Journal Rates Peters/Knollenberg Race Tossup from Lean Incumbent

This is the first time that the Peters/Knollenberg race has been rated a tossup, a change from leaning incumbent. Go Gary! CLICK HERE for the rest of the story.


  • Joe Knollenberg (R), 9th District. Former State Sen. Gary Peters is a viable candidate and all the momentum is against the GOP. While few seem to be enthusiastic Peters fanatics, he's been powerful enough to clear what was to be a competitive primary field. In another year, Knollenberg might be safe, but national trends are against him. (Formerly Lean Incumbent)

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MIKE said...

I noticed that Knollenberg has been softening his normal RepubliCON stand such as voting for the new GI Bill - but he would revert back to his big business & obstructionist stand if he got reelected. he can't hide from his dismal record on workers, the envriornment, human rights, animal rights and his pro Bush support. Time for change.