Monday, June 16, 2008

Now I Understand Why So Many Letters

No doubt you noticed the unusually large number of letters that have appeared in the Oakland Press and the Eccentric/Observer newspapers regarding my guest opinion on Joe Knollenberg's appearance at a recent women's health conference. This has been a full out smear campaign trying to connect me to the Democratic candidate.

Well, guess what, those weren't just your average citizens writing into the papers. Some of them were volunteers for Joe Knollenberg's campaign and one is even an employee of the Michigan Republican Party.

A couple months ago there was a strategy meeting that took place at a law firm and one of the discussion points was how to deal with, in their minds is me. They even had a representative from the Republican National Committee in attendance. This coordinated letter campaign looks like it was one of the strategies they decided to utilize when the time was right.

It looks like the Knollenberg campaign and the 9th District Republican officials can't wrap their brains around the fact that someone could possibly have the level of dedication to revealing Joe Knollenberg's record to voters in
Oakland County that I do.

They have on more than one occasion written that I'm a highly paid operative of or even being paid directly by George Soros, neither of which is true. They also seem to think that I’m on the payroll of their opponents’ campaign, which isn’t true either. But putting the words truth and Republicans in the same sentence is an oxymoron for the last 8 years, especially.

Another reason my guest opinion seems to have upset the Knollenberg folks so much is Joe wasn’t merely a speaker at the event, Joe and Sandie organized the event. They even have a special page on Joe’s web site with pictures of what they say are the 400 women that attended. I wonder how the women that attended the event would have reacted had they known that Joe Knollenberg received a 0 ranking from the National Coalition for Breast Cancer along with all those other health care advocacy groups. Probably not too well. But Joe’s just your typical hypocritical Republican, say one thing and do another.

2005-2006 & 2006-2007 Representative Knollenberg supported the interests of the National Breast Cancer Coalition 0 percent of the time.

2007 Alliance for Headache Disorders ranked Knollenberg as a 0

2007 American Academy of Family Physicians gave Knollenberg a 0 rating

2007 Children's Health Fund gave Knollenberg a 0 rating.

2006 American Public Health Association ranked Knollenberg with a 0 rating.

2005-2006 AIDS Action Council rated Knollenberg with a 0 rating.

2005-2006 American Academy of Emergency Mediine ranked Knollenberg - 50 percent.

2005-2006 American Nurses Association ranked Knollenberg with a 0 percent.

2005-2006 National Rural Health Association ranked Knollenberg with a 0 percent.

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MIKE said...

Like Orwell's '1984' which has got to be a must read for Republican statagist, I suspect STEPFORD WIVES is the answer to why some women support the Republicans while it is patently obvious is is not in their best interests.