Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What were Glenn Clark and his henchmen doing at the Obama Rally in Detroit

Look who we found while we were waiting in line for the Barack Obama Rally last night in Detroit. A few Republican operatives were there with their fearless leader, Glenn Clark. They were trying to get Democrats to sign an unofficial petition they had labeled, Democrats for Gas Tax Repeal. One of them even had a T-shirt on, Jack Bauer for President. You remember Jack Bauer, he's the main character in the TV show, 24, the guy that regularly uses torture to get the bad guys to talk.

It seems our Republican friends were a little camera shy. My friend and I chased them off up the ramp of the people mover station. It seems Glenn didn't want to be on camera. Justin Zatkoff was there too, but I couldn't get a picture of him.

I'm just betting they were going to try to use the signatures to send to John McCain's campaign, since Glenn is John McCain's paid staffer in the 9th District, to the tune of $10,000 per month. CLICK HERE
Tracy Lynn Dunigan

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