Sunday, June 15, 2008

Political Currents Beginning to Shift in the 9th

From the June 12 Birmingham Eccentric

Political currents beginning to shift

June 12, 2008

The whole Birmingham area is approaching what may be an historic period. For the first time, a majority of Democratic contenders may gain more votes than Republicans.

We take no stand on whether this is a good or a bad turn of events. We will make individual endorsements closer to the election.

Rather, what is worth noting is that the political currents certainly seem to be shifting. Once a solidly Republican stronghold, the Birmingham area is trending more toward the Democrats, which is fueling some heated campaigning. Nowhere is that more evident than in the hotly contested race between incumbent Republican Joe Knollenberg and his Democratic challenger Gary Peters in the 9th U.S. House race. Elsewhere on this page you will see a host of letters attacking Peters and community activist Bruce Fealk, who has been a vocal and visible critic of Knollenberg.

It is clear the Knollenberg campaign is revving up the letter-writing constituency, which is an entirely legitimate campaign tactic.

For his part, Peters is running hard, seemingly everywhere around the district. He even had the plum job of introducing Barack Obama when he came to Troy last week. Knollenberg has been participating in a flurry of activities as well.

Knollenberg has a solid base of support that he has carefully nurtured over the years. And to his credit, he has been an attentive congressman, delivering much for the district.

But there may be bigger forces at work here: the dreary Iraq war and the staggering economy as well as the charismatic Obama.

If Knollenberg loses in November it will signal a change of historic proportions.

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MIKE said...

"delivered for the district"?? What Kool aid is that writer drinking! 8 years of failed Republican policies - of corruption - of an endless needless war - of destruction of the middle class - of soaring energy prices - of a failed healthcare and education policy - that is why the 9th District is going blue.