Thursday, July 17, 2008

Joe calls this a health care plan

Joe still doesn't get it. Every American deserves to have access to health care, not just people with employers that offer it, and that number is getting smaller every day. We can pool everyone, lower cost and cover everyone and do it for less that people pay now for their insurance policies. And we could do it sooner if we'd get out of that god forsaken war in Iraq and go after the terrorists where they really are gathering. Joe has had 16 years to solve the health care problem. I think someone else deserves a chance to solve this problem and all the others that we face.

Let's lower the cost of health care

Oakland County's families are suffering the effects of out-of-control health care costs. From the high cost of prescription drugs to visits to the doctor's office, families are struggling to afford the most essential of medical treatment and care. Meanwhile, businesses are finding it ever more difficult to provide health care for their employees.
It's time to get control of the cost of health care so more families can afford it and so businesses can more easily provide it. I have a plan to get that done.
Take a minute to read it over, then click the link below and please tell me what you think.
My five-point PRICE plan will dramatically lower the price of health care while increasing the number of families with coverage. My plan would promote:
P - Pooling small businesses together so they have more power to negotiate and lower their costs
R - Responsibility and wellness, helping keep people healthier so they live longer and are less likely to suffer from preventable diseases
I - Information technology, bringing health care into the technological age.
C - Consumer choice, making individuals, not insurance companies or the government, in charge of their care
E - Eliminating junk lawsuits that add $100 billion to the cost of health care and keep good doctors from being able to practice medicine.
My plan would reduce the cost of health care by billions, bringing the price down and allowing more people to have access to health care and afford the treatment they need.
Click here to read more about my plan and tell me what you think. And please let me know if you have a story about how the cost of health care has affected you or your employer.
Help me make sure that Oakland County's families - and all Americans - can afford to get the health care they need.

Joe Knollenberg

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MIKE said...

junk lawsuits?? Doctors nor hospitals are infallable. And when they make a mistake, a life suffers. The insurance industry would love to be insulated from lawsuits. Does not Joe come from the insurance industry field? Junk lawsuits indeed. Tell that to the parents of a child who will spend the rest of their lives caring for a child injured as a result of negligence by either a doctor and/or a hospital. Redress of our grievances is written into the Constitution - from government or from business. Knollenberg would have you believe it is best to give up that right. Not on your life!