Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Knollenberg Voted Against Paper Ballot Backup Measure

Electronic voting machings, the kind that have been decertified in California, the kind that lost 13,000 votes in Florida have been the cause for much consternation to those interested in fair and honest elections. H.R. 5803 would have appropriated money so that states could make paper ballots available in emergencies. Makes sense to me, but not to Joe Knollenberg. he joined 169 of his Republican colleages to defeat this common sense bill. I guess Joe Knollenberg and those other 169 Republicans don't really care about elections and democracy in the United States as much as they do for Iraq.

Title: To direct the Election Assistance Commission to establish a program to make grants to participating States and units of local government which will administer the regularly scheduled general election for Federal office held in November 2008 for carrying out a program to make backup paper ballots available in the case of the failure of a voting system or voting equipment in the election or some other emergency situation, and for other purposes.

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MIKE said...

Come on - who ever heard of a Republican who wanted fair elections? Next thing you will be telling me is that they want everyone to vote! That all this election fraud/caging/voter surpression & purging is a figment of my imagination. Guess I should quit whinning about wanting a Constitutionally run government.