Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Trent Wisecup Apparently Working for Navigators and L. Brooks Patterson

This is really interesting. Trent Wisecup, Joe Knollenberg's former chief of staff, now L. Brooks Patterson's campaign manager is using an e-mail address from Navigators LLC. Click here to see Trent's bio on the Navigators web site. I sent Trent an e-mail inviting him to have L. Brooks Patterson come on an upcoming episode of my community television show, Michigan Progress. I sent the e-mail to his Navigators e-mail address. It didn't bouce back, so I presume he received it, although I haven't heard back from him.

The Navigators web site is working today and their client list is very interesting. Among their clients, corporate clients like Wal-Mart, Fannie Mae, about to go bankrupt and cost taxpayers billions of dollars. AT&T, now given retroactive immunity for illegally spying on American citizens, Tyco Corporation, whose CEO went to jail for using corporate funds for a lavish lifestyle. Click here for the rest of their corporate clients. Here's a list of their political clients. Click here. A very interesting client base, I think you'd agree.

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