Monday, April 16, 2007

Democrats go after Knollenberg Oakland Press 4/17/07

Democrats clearly have Joe in their sights, not because they're "playing politics" as Trent Wisecup likes to repeat again and again and again. Joe Knollenberg is clearly out of step with his constituents, so much so that he won't let anyone that doesn't see things like the war his way even in his office to talk to him, an office taxpayers pay for. Joe thinks people that disagree with him are "liberal agitators." I think beacons for change is a better way to describe those of us that want to see Joe sent back to Bloomfield Hills permanently.
He's so out of touch, he doesn't even mention Iraq as an issue on his web site. And he doesn't acknowledge the 79% of those surveyed in a Birmingham survey that think the escalation in Iraq is bad policy.
I expect we'll see a letter to the editor any day now from a family member of Trent Wisecup, defending Joe's positions.


With Liberty & Justice for all . . . said...

It is funny to read the quotes from Knollenberg's Chief Lobbyist, Trent Wisecup, that it is too early to start campaigning.

Aren't they the ones who have spent thousands on a billboard and various websites for Knollenberg's re-election campaign.

Pot, meet Kettle.

Bruce Fealk said...

Really. The Retire Joe website cost $99. Imagine what we could do with the $10,000 Joe spent for one month on his billboard.

That makes Trent really nervous.

SharonRB said...

Interesting about those robocalls -- I wonder who's doing them. Really, though, for someone who's not campaigning yet, Joe's doing a lot of campaigning -- billboards, mailers, appearances......

Bruce Fealk said...

I'm sure Trent thinks I'm responsible.