Saturday, April 21, 2007

Knollenberg's Online FEC Report is Still Wrong

We reported last week that Knollenberg's report on the FEC website was wrong.

We have been checking to see when it gets corrected. That hasn't happened yet.

The information has been changed, but it still isn't correct!

Such blatant errors and the inability to correct them seem to be a hallmark of both Bush & Knollenberg (e.g., Iraq, Katrina, US Attorney scandal, etc.)

Knollenberg's report still shows that he received $74,800 in contributions from Political Action Committees (PACs). (These PACs represent special interests and are usually very closely tied with lobbyists.)

But when you click on the link to see where the individual PAC contributions came from, they only list $23,000 in donations. So they report $74,800 in contributions, but only show $23,000. Where did the other $52,800 come from?

If Knollenberg is this careless with his FEC reports, does that mean he is this careless when it comes to making decisions on how to vote on key issues in Congress?

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