Thursday, April 19, 2007

Once Again Joe Knollenberg Shows Neither Leadership Or Vision

Leaders lead.

Joe Knollenberg is not a leader.

Joe Knollenberg is a follower.

We've already discussed how he "follows" the direction of lobbyists and George Bush when it comes to voting on legislation.

But glancing at his new blog illustrates Knollenberg's lack of leadership and vision. The majority of his blog posts start with phrases such as "great column in the Detroit News today" or "The Detroit News has a great story..."

In short, his blog posts are nothing but links to newspaper articles.

Leaders are people with original thoughts. If Knollenberg had any vision or leadership skills, he would use his blog to discuss what is going on in Congress. He would tell us what his positions were and why. We don't need his help to read the local papers.

We need a representative in Congress who understands our concerns and will fight for our best interests. We deserve someone better than Joe Knollenberg.


Chet said...

Come on. Speak about nitpicks, and this one isn't even right.

First, most new bloggers link to news and overrely on the news to frame the entry. Knollenberg's obviously learning the medium. And even some of the best bloggers are nothing more than news source pundits - nicely critiquing the body of work by the so-called professional media.

Second, a review of Joe's blog entries before your comment shows several originals. For example:

April 6th, 2007

I had the good fortune of touring the GM plant this week where the Pontiac G-6 is built. Prior to walking around the factory and talking with UAW members who build these great cars, ...

Hmm. That's extremely original and newsworthy.

Your post here just proves that this blog is based on "I have to have something to criticize Knollenberg on daily ... oh. I don't have a good idea so let's invent one."

SharonRB said...

So how come Joe doesn't allow comments on his blog (and I use the word "his" very loosely -- I'm sure he doesn't write any of it himself)? Is he afraid of what people might say?

Good blogs allow comments and discussion, but Joe's doesn't.

With Liberty & Justice for all . . . said...


How does "I walked through a plant" constitute "leadership and vision"?

Leadership and vision would be reflected by discussions about key issues facing the country today such as how he proposes to handle the health care crisis, the housing crisis, the loss of manufacturing jobs crisis, the downward spiral of the middle class, the educational crisis, the Iraq crisis, etc.

Rather than illustrate leadership and vision, Knollenberg's blog illustrates the way a Smurf would blog. "Oh look, a lovely article on the baseball"....