Wednesday, April 18, 2007

How Much Does Knollenberg's Chief Lobbyist Cost Taxpayers?

Joe Knollenberg's Chief of Staff is Trent Wisecup, a Washington D.C. lobbyist.

We know that Washington DC lobbyists like Jack Abramoff make millions of dollars a year.

The only reason someone like that would give up a lucrative job like that would be because working on the inside would give him influence over a Congressman's votes and also because it would give him a network of people to call on later when he went back to lobbying. In DC they call it the "revolving door".

But how much does Knollenberg charge taxpayers for his lobbyist's salary? Wisecup isn't listed as an employee for Knollenberg for the last reporting period that ended on 12/31/06. So we don't know his exact salary, we can only guess it must be more than the $105,505 paid to his Constituent Services Director.

Here is what Knollenberg's other staffers make for 3 months work:

Payee Name Start date End date Position Amount Notes
Betz, Steven V 10/01/06 12/31/06 Field Representative $17,750.00
Brown, Eric K 10/01/06 12/31/06 Staff Assistant $10,000.00
Ciavattone, Shawn 10/01/06 12/31/06 District Staff Director $23,900.00
Elrod, Ruth R 10/01/06 12/31/06 Staff Assistant $8,250.00
Foster, Stuart 10/01/06 12/31/06 Congressional Aide $9,125.00
Geibel, Karen Sue 10/01/06 12/31/06 Executive Assistant $28,375.00
Goff, Jeffrey 10/01/06 12/31/06 Legislative Associate $18,999.99
Hallmark, Jessica 10/01/06 12/31/06 Staff Aide $12,625.00
Hing, Jennifer L 10/01/06 12/31/06 Communications Director $20,000.00
Johnson, Kathleen I 10/01/06 12/31/06 Constituent Services Director $26,376.33
Last, Jeffrey M 10/01/06 12/31/06 Staff Assistant $8,750.00
Lee, Lindsay A 10/01/06 12/31/06 Legislative Correspondent $10,499.99
Mitchell, Mildred I 10/01/06 12/31/06 Part-time Employee $8,000.34
Onizuk, Jeffrey M 10/01/06 12/31/06 Assistant to Rep. Knollenberg (P) $15,455.01
Orear, Mary M 10/01/06 12/31/06 Field Representative $18,500.00
Schwarz, Lindsay 10/01/06 12/31/06 Legislative Correspondent $12,689.17
Wilson, Heather 10/01/06 12/31/06 Staff Assistant $15,250.00
17 results

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