Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Another Knollenberg Vote AGAINST Middle Class Families

Once again, Joe Knollenberg voted AGAINST middle class families and for his lobbyist friends. In this particular case, his lobbyist friends have big money -- because they are Big Oil.

Joe Knollenberg voted NO on HR 1252, the Federal Price Gouging Prevention Act. Thankfully the Act passed the House anyway. It imposes penalties for Price Gouging by Bil Oil companies.

Profits for Big Oil companies has been skyrocketing, while middle class families struggle to be able to afford to fill their tanks and still have enough to pay for other staples of life that have increased because of the increased fuel costs.

This wasn't a windfall profits tax. It was a consumer protection bill. It was timely at the federal level since Michigan's own Attorney General has been getting dozens of calls a day from citizens who think they have been gouged by their gas stations.

But Joe Knollenberg Voted NO on Protecting Middle Class Families.

Instead, Joe Knollenberg Voted YES to Protect Big Oil and their slippery lobbyists.

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