Monday, May 28, 2007

Knollenberg Votes to Fund, Train, and Equip the Terrorists

Once again, Joe Knollenberg has it backwards. He claims that by voting to give Bush a blank check in Iraq that he is supporting the troops.

That is a nice theory. But in reality, Joe Knollenberg is simply funding, training, and equipping the terrorists. Because the same guys that our troops are training and equipping during the day, are turning around at night and planting roadside bombs to kill U.S. troops!

The NYT reports:

They had seen shadowy militia commanders installed as Iraqi Army officers, they said, had come under increasing attack from roadside bombs — planted within sight of Iraqi Army checkpoints — and had fought against Iraqi soldiers whom they thought were their allies.

But these "militia" guys -- these Shite militia guys -- are the ones we are training to be Iraqi Army. And they are shooting at and bombing our guys.

Meanwhile, the Sunni insurgents are killing U.S. troops because our troops are supporting the Shite.

So all Knollenberg has done is put the U.S. troops in the crossfire between the Sunni and the Shite.

Our troops are being slaughtered and as long as Congressmen like Joe Knollenberg keep throwing billions and billions of dollars at the problem, it will go on forever.

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