Friday, May 25, 2007

Once Again, Knollenberg Votes to Give Bush a Blank Check For Iraq

Once again, Joe Knollenberg voted to give George Bush a blank check on his war in Iraq. [HR 2206, Rollcall vote # 425, May 24, 2007]

Using basic logic:
* Joe Knollenberg is funding this losing war effort.
* If you buy it, you own it.
* So, Joe Knollenberg owns the debacle in Iraq.
* If you own it, you are responsible for it.

So, now Joe Knollenberg is responsible for what happens in Iraq.
By Funding the War,
Joe Knollenberg Has Accepted Responsibility
For Whatever Happens
From Now On In IRAQ.

This is now the Bush/Knollenberg War in Iraq.

Unfortunately for Joe Knollenberg, the public is even more against the war and him than ever before.

A recent poll says:

* 61% of voters say the U.S. should not have invaded Iraq in the first place.
* 76% think things are going badly there.
* 63% disapprove of how George Bush is doing his job.
* 72% think the Country is on the Wrong Track.
* 76% think that the "surge" is either having no impact or is making things worse
* 69% think that funding for the war should be tied to benchmarks that the Iraqis have to meet

That 72% of Americans who think the Country is on the wrong track is the highest that has ever been. It had been running in the upper 60 percentile earlier. That 72% is the highest it has been since that question has been the subject of a poll -- for nearly 25 years.

Only 15% agree with George Bush & Joe Knollenberg that there should be no conditions on war funding.

Tying himself so closely to George Bush that his actions are indistinguishable will not help Joe Knollenberg in 2008.

In fact, although Bush's ratings have been low for years, they have hit new all time lows lately. According to the NYT:

As for Mr. Bush, 23 percent approve of his handling of the situation in Iraq, while 72 percent disapprove; 25 percent approve of his handling of foreign policy, while 66 percent disapprove; and 27 percent approve of his handling of immigration issues, while 60 percent disapprove.

On the economy, 38 percent approve of Mr. Bush’s handling of the issue, and on the campaign against terrorism, 40 percent approve, matching his career low on the issue.

The 85% of us who disagree with Joe Knollenberg and George Bush will remember this in 2008.

Bye bye Joe. Not gonna be sorry to see you go.

To Stop the Bush/Knollenberg War, Bush & Knollenberg Have to Go.

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