Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"Do Nothing" Knollenberg's Admission That He Hasn't Accomplished Anything in 14 Years

Take a look at Joe Knollenbergs website.

I'm not going to post the link, you can find it yourself.

Now google absolutely any other Member of Congress.

Notice the difference?

Even a glance at every single other member of Congress' website will give you at least a glimpse of what is going on in Congress. Democrats and Republicans alike. Those that keep their sites updated, actually tell you what Congress has done in the last week. Some tell you what happened in Congress today or yesterday.

QUESTION: What does "Do Nothing" Knollenberg's website discuss?
ANSWER: Other people's accomplishments. He talks about sports teams and other organizations that do things. Even he can't come up with anything of significance that he has done.

Joe Knollenberg Hasn't Accomplished Anything in 14 Years.

Oakland County Can't Afford Joe Knollenberg.

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