Thursday, May 24, 2007

Joe Knollenberg on Impeachment of the President

When discussing the impeachment of the President, Joe Knollenberg said:

In my opinion there is no doubt, however, that the President's conduct rises to the level of impeachable offenses. To protect his political livelihood, this President has subverted the rule of law, lied to the American people, and manipulated his staff and members of his cabinet to perpetuate his lies. These crimes are felonies that deserve the most severe penalty provided by the Constitution.

Moreover, recent events have brought into the question the President's ability to lead. I have come to the conclusion that [the President] does not possess the character or the judgment to occupy the highest office in the land. This president has violated his oath of office, betrayed the trust of the American people, and demeaned the institution of the presidency. I implore my colleagues to vote for the impeachment. . .

Oh, wait. This is what Joe said about Clinton.

Funny how Joe Knollenberg has nothing to say about George Bush lying to the American people, subverting the rule of law, manipulating his staff to perpetrate his lies, etc.

Joe Knollenberg is nothing but a partisan hack. A mouthpiece for lobbyists.

Knollenberg is a puppet for George Bush & Dick Cheney.

Oakland County deserves a Congressional Representative
Who Will Work For Middle Class Families,
Not for Bush, Cheney, and their Cronies.

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