Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"DO NOTHING" Knollenberg Continues to Live Up To His Name

Joe "Do Nothing" Knollenberg continues to live up to his nickname -- by doing nothing.

Knollenberg's record in Congress has been abysmal. He has not introduced a single major piece of legislation to help Michigan families or the auto industry.

After 14 years in Congress, he has no accomplishments to show for it. Rather we have had no benefit from having him there. In fact, arguably we benefit when he fails to show up for votes.

Now "DO NOTHING" Knollenberg is worried that we have figured out how little he has accomplished.

He has hired a Washington D.C. lobbyist to run his campaign.

His lobbyist writes up little news releases and editorials and they get published under "Do Nothing" Knollenberg's name.

Joe Knollenberg works for the Lobbyists, not us.

Call Joe Knollenberg and tell him he should at least have the decency to step down and let someone who is willing to work for the people run for the seat.

Joe Knollenberg is too extreme for Oakland County.

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