Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Joe Beats Drums of War with Iran at Holocaust Museum

Joe was invited to give a speech recently at the Holocaust Memorial Center. He was there trying to buy votes with a pledge of support for a $250,000 earmark for a children's gallery.

He also was beating the drums of war with Iran. Here's a quote from his speech. Click here to read the entire speech.

I don’t want to get political this evening. We are here to support the Holocaust Memorial Center. But I am increasingly worried about the situation in Iran. The current dictator in Tehran is a menace to the state of Israel. He’s a menace to the United States. And he’s a menace to people around the world who want to live in freedom.

The Iranian president has said on many occasions that he wants to destroy the state of Israel. I believe him, and I think we have to do everything in our power to prevent him from obtaining nuclear weapons. I know the war in Iraq is not popular. But what happens if we lose in Iraq.

The Iranian dictator, who is supporting the insurgency in Iraq, will move quickly to
establish a Hegemonic presence in the Middle East. Moderate Arab nations like
Egypt and Jordan will be at risk of falling victim to the scourge of radical

Israel will be threatened. America will be threatened. The international community will be threatened.

It is America’s obligation to stand with Israel. It is America’s obligation to lead the world in the fight against tyranny, whether it emerges as Communism, Fascism, or Radical Islam. We need to win in Iraq. We need to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons and becoming the dominant power in the Middle East.

I believe that with every fiber of my being regardless of what the political polls may say. If we don’t confront the evil in the heart of the Iranian president, the world will regret it. You know that is true. I know that is true.

Maybe Joe's chief of staff wasn't just misspeaking when he said I wanted "Iran to win" in my confrontation in the drugstore in Rochester.


Chet said...

Only Bruce Fealk could criticize a speech Joe gave at the Holocaust Musueum.

And what does he criticize? An attempt to bring money to the district. On one hand, Bruce supports SCHIP expansion to 700,000 adults without money to pay for it in the "name of" of the children, and on the other Bruce won't support a children's gallery at a museum documenting the historical evils against children committed by Hitler?

Bruce also calls Joe's recognition of Iranian power, desire, and evil "drumbeating for war". There's a line though be being "prepared" and drumbeating. Recognizing a threat isn't drumbeating. Even many of the steadfast anti-war Democrats would recognize Iran as a threat, but advocate for "containment". I haven't heard Joe advocate for anything other than containment of Iran at this point in time.

Bruce will criticize anything. It's no longer credible, Bruce. Let's ask Gary Peters if 1) we should try to get $250K for a children's gallery at the Holocaust museum (of course, if Nancy Pelosi honors her 2006 pledge to end all earmarks, then everyone would be on a level playing field and it wouldn't be an issue, but alas, that won't happen) 2) we should condemn and contain Iran, and prepare for it as a threat. Preparation is not war. I understand that if you could disarm America you'd achieve your policy goals of preventing "bad wars" - but even if we were wrong in Iraq that would be a dangerous throwing of the baby out of with the bathwater.

Bruce Fealk said...

It doesn't seem to me since we can't afford the health care for poor and lower middle class health insurance, we certainly can't afford a $250,000 earmark for the Holocaust Museum, and I was raised Jewish. This seems like something that the museum can raise from private donations, not requiring federal dollars.

As far as drumbeating, Joe has joined the President in beating the drums and it is not being prepared, Chet. $88 million has been allocated in the budget, Chet, to adopt B-2 bombers for bunker buster bombs. Where are those going to be used? Certainly not in Iraq.

Chet said...

Hey, I don't like earmarks but when Oakland Taxpayers are a donor county, I don't blame Joe for trying to get a few dollars back. $250,000K is far from $25 billion extra for insurance for NON-CHILDREN and non poor individuals.

You sound like a true Republican in this post, Bruce. I invite you to switch sides and become a fiscal conservative. Call Pelosi and tell her to end those earmarks as promised. I'm with you on that one.

Bruce Fealk said...

I just think this particular earmark is not necessary. I have no intention to have anything to do with the Republican party, EVER! This earmark has is not necessary except as a bribe to try to buy a few votes. Joe is a master at earmarking, I will give him that, especially when an $8.3 million earmark went to one of his biggest campaign contributors.

Bruce Fealk said...

Just wondering, Chet, are you being paid for all the time you're spending on this blog and writing comments?

Chet said...

If it satisfies your curiousity, I'll answer. No.

But as you know, I do have historical ties to the family, so I'll admit some level of bias. But I expect nothing from Joe's campaign and am very busy with other clients.

And I don't spend a ton of time here, Bruce.