Saturday, November 03, 2007

Oakland Press Story

This morning in the Oakland Press a story appeared, "Brother Speaks Against Political Activist." While I'm disappointed in my brother's actions, writing to Trent Wisecup, and the resulting story is personally hurtful, I am confident I did nothing wrong and I want to focus on issues. Were my activities of no consequence Trent would not have a need to try to attack me personally and distract attention away from his behavior and Joe Knollenberg's voting record. I choose to stay focused on Joe Knollenberg's voting record. I'm still waiting for an answer to my questions, Joe.

1. When are you going to finally realize that the war in Iraq is an unmitigated disaster and vote to end the war?
2. While you, your fellow congressmen and women and Trent Wisecup (although according to Trent, he chooses to get his insurance through his wife) enjoy full medical benefits, millions of children in this country have no insurance and rely on SCHIP to supply affordable health insurance in the private insurance market. When will you decide to have compassion for America's children and vote in favor of the SCHIP program?
3. Why have you been beating the drums of war against Iran. We have conducted no diplomacy with Iran and we all know another war, with Iran, will only create another disaster and possibly lead to dire consequences for the world?

All of my efforts are focused on the issues, Joe. How about you and Trent do the same and honor the desires of your constituents that pay your salary?


Chet said...

But Joe, you've made it personal against Trent, arguing that his mental illness is proof of a need for health care reform. Certainly you can understand why he might return the favor? And in this case, you want to "return to issues" because your own brother substantiates the point that your pattern of behavior is destructive. While the decision to release the letter was premature certainly, and only feeds your anger, its out here now. And it fits with what the campaign has said all along -- you're a relentless, shameless attention-getter. There's nothing wrong with self-promotion Bruce, but the level and way in which you do it lacks any style and decorum.

I don't want to dwell on the personal angle here between you and your brother either and the issues will be more important in Nov 2008, this story shouldn't be dismissed. Like it or not - your behavior has become part of the subject of scrutiny, and you never let the Congressman off the hook on personal or behavioral issues, so why should you be? And don't give me the "he's running, I'm not" line -- you've chosen your methods and your sword, now live by both of its edges. You've volunteered yourself to public figure status, which, it seems, you seek out with pleasure.

You might be better served spending a few months over the holidays mending your fences with family, just as Wisecup would no doubt be served tending to his family and himself. In fact, that's what the holidays for - we might all be better served putting the campaigning behind us for a while, or at least not front and center.

Bruce Fealk said...

My brother thought that I did something harmful to him even though he had an e-mail from the company whose web site I was using that it was a computer code glitch that caused the problem. His anger got the better of him and he thought Trent might actually care about the problem and help him, rather than shopping the story around to the press. I did try to warn my brother about Trent and how ruthless he is, but he chose not to listen.

I have been relentless, guilty as charged, and I have been doing my best to get the word out about Joe's record through the media, guilty again, but for me it has been about bringing attention to Joe and his record on important issues, not about self promotion. I'm getting nothing out of this, except hopefully a Congressman that cares about me and the needs of his constituents more than my current Congressman and his utter disregard for the majority of his constituents and making sure that the President is held accountable and keeps his oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States.