Friday, November 02, 2007

Press Release - Activist Calls for Equal Treatment for all Americans

All Americans Deserve Full Health Coverage and Mental Health Parity

Political activist Bruce Fealk hopes that the current situation of Rep. Joe Knollenberg's Chief of Staff, Trent Wisecup, taking leave from his position to address a bi-polar disorder "can be seen in a very sympathetic light by everyone in our community. Like any medical condition, your hope is for full recovery and that the financial burden of this sudden situation will be relieved."

"I offer my thoughts of support to Trent Wisecup and his family" said Fealk upon learning that Wisecup had recently been diagnosed and is being treated for bi-polar disorder. "I want to commend Congressman Knollenberg for keeping the door open for Wisecup to return to work in the Congressman's office."

Fealk is hoping the situation of Rep. Knollenberg having a health crisis strike so close to him will help him change his mind on health care coverage in this country.

"While Wisecup will receive full pay (almost $160,000 per year) and have his treatment paid for, many average, hard working Americans would not be so lucky if the same thing happened to them," says Fealk. "This situation for others could have left them with huge medical bills for their treatment, perhaps even sending them into bankruptcy. Even those lucky enough to have medical coverage, may not be covered for mental disorders, like bi-polar disease, and would then be denied the mental health care that should be sought along with the medication."

"The majority of voters in America want universal health care. We call on Rep. Joe Knollenberg to not only change his vote on SCHIP, but to join those in Congress calling for universal coverage for all Americans, and with mental health parity. Why should members of Congress and their staffs get Cadillac coverage while 47 million Americans have no health or mental health coverage at all?"

"Congressmen and women should not be seen as better than any other American." said Bruce Fealk, the videographer in the incident in downtown Rochester, in which Wisecup spewed venomous comments into Fealk's camera, calling him an un-American, Toyota lover.

"Name one person you know that doesn't deserve medical and mental health care when needed without the worry of asking how to pay for the treatment. Did you think of one yet?" "I wonder if Congressman Knollenberg thinks of Wisecup's health care coverage as socialized medicine, as he stated in a recent guest opinion in The Oakland Press?" Fealk commented


Chet said...

Bruce, I am incredulous at your audacity here. You are a piece of work.

And that's just the part about have the cahones to use Trent and his family for your political ends. If I compared your actual words here, to your actual words hours ago, the contradictions would be enormous.

TLW said...

I don't get government health care, Brucester. I am on my wife's policy. She has coverage from the private sector and it is better and cheaper than the package available to me as a federal employee.

Nice try. What about your little problem with identity theft and your brother?

TLW said...

You should also check with the Census Bureau on the number of Americans not receiving health care coverage. It's actually 37 million, not 47 million. The 47 million figure includes illegal immigrants, which by definition are not Americans.

Do you support giving 10 million illegal immigrants taxpayer-funded health benefits?

MIKE said...

Hey tlw - better stay married and hope your wife never loses her heavily subsidized health insurance. You must belong to the Federal Employees Health Benefit Plan at least 5 years before you retire - otherwise, you are SOL. I guess our employer, the Federal government is not as generous as your wife's private employer. Better hope they stay that way. Given the track record of dropped or reduced health care coverage by private companies, I'd say you are taking a big gamble.
47 million - 37 million - uninsured - either stat is unacceptable. You have to quit listening to druggy Limbaugh - he still thinks the earth is flat. And his information is about as accurate.

Bruce Fealk said...

Wow, Trent, I thought you were sick and here you are back at work already for Joe. I though you were on leave.

Bruce Fealk said...

There was no "identity theft" Trent. There was a malfunction of the computer code and my brother knows that. That is a private family squabble and has nothing to do with you.

Bruce Fealk said...

Trent used the letter my brother sent him to attack me, so the gloves are off Chet and Trent. There are lies upon lies in that article in the Oakland Press and I will fight to defend my name.

Chet said...


This is not my battle with you. Whatever threat you mean by the "gloves are off" better remain between you and Trent, because I have no idea what either of you are talking about. I've not dropped any gloves here and have only responded to the public tit-for-tat - I have no interaction with Trent and there is zero coordination.

That said, while I can't really blame the guy for going after you given the pain you've caused him, I'd still advise him to not think about Bruce Fealk for the next few weeks, let alone read or respond here.

Chet said...

Ah. I see the Oakland Press piece now.

I apologize for reprinting it on Oakland Politics, Bruce, but it is newsworthy and of high interest to my readers.

Could you answer the question of how a glitch in computer code could insert the name Steve in place of Bruce? I'm having a hard time imagining technically how that happens. Second, could you send me a copy of the faulty code?

These are legitimate questions a reporter would ask. I don't necessarily expect that you'll give me an answer, but I'm asking.

Bruce Fealk said...

Chet, I don't know how it happens. I'm not a programmer, but I have an e-mail from the company admitting that it was a known code glitch. It has happened twice now, once by inserting Steve in the code instead of Bruce and once it put in a woman's name in place of mine.

Anonymous said...

America is watching you self-destruct again Trent.

Politics aside, after everything that has transpired lately, I think you might want to stay of the internets for a little while. This can't be doing your resume any good.

Desi said...

Trent didn't want to visit DailyKos, or was his computer time just up?

Bruce Fealk said...

Trent, please don't call me Bruceter. Only close personal friends get to call me that, Trenty boy.

Oh, and one more thing, Trenty boy, even if we use your number, 37 million, that's still 37 million Americans that deserve physical and mental health care coverage, just like every other industrialized country in the world.