Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Joe Fails the Middle Class

As a middle-class or upper middle-class American you might ask yourself, how well does my Congressman or woman represent my interests. Well, there's a new web site that ranks our Congress on issues important to the middle class of America. CLICK HERE to see Joe Knollenberg's ranking. I can tell you now though, for the last three years, Joe Knollenberg has earned an F on issues affecting the middle class.


MIKE said...

I'm not surprised. Well actually I am - I'm surprised it is as high as it is. Not too many 'middle class' people can afford to attend his $1000 a plate dinner campaign events he has.

Bruce Fealk said...

If I remember my college and high school days, though, 63 is still a failing grade and I'd have been embarassed to bring home a 63 as a test score.

Chet said...

Bruce, come on. First, he's with "you" on 5 of the 8 items, and this is a score from a special interest group that has a particularly liberal vision of what helps what it defines as the middle class.

Do you want to debate each vote? For example, voting to decrease corporate taxes doesn't "hurt the middle class" by definition, in fact, it could help them through job creation, reduction of prices, etc., and I'll grant to you the economic effects are debatable but its not something I would include in a grade as obviously true.

These "grades" are a common technique of labeling reps. Do you think for yourself, or do you let others think for you? With a 5 of 8 grade actually, that proves to me that Joe is thinking independently of these types of groups.

Chet said...

Oh, and its not the "middle class" that is doing the grading, it the "Drum Major Institute", a self-avowed "progressive" think-tank with a flash screen of nothing but Democrat presidential candidates popping up.

Should your readers be surprised that they choose the issues to "grade" and that Joe wouldn't get good grades. Do only "progressives" have know what is good for the middle class? I suspect you believe that, but I'll let the middle class decide for themselves.