Thursday, April 17, 2008

Birmingham, Rochester and West Bloomfield Eccentrics publish my Letter to the Editor

Two of the Eccentric Papers, Birmingham, Rochester and West Bloomfield published the letter I wrote regarding Joe's appearance at the Rochester Chamber's Legislative update meeting.

Sick of Knollenberg, GOP

As I was sitting in the audience at the Rochester Chamber Legislative Update meeting in Rochester, I felt angry, and the more I listened, the angrier I got. There was Joe Knollenberg telling everyone how his health care idea, tax credits for wellness programs for employers and his other mantra, personal responsibility, are the cures to what ails the American health care system.

Then I see this little article in a local paper. I see them all the time, people holding fund-raisers for people who have some kind of health care crisis, many times it's children. When I saw this article it made me think, this should never happen in America. It also made me think how Joe was telling the audience about personal responsibility. Mike Bishop was doing it, too. Well, I have to say, all that talk about personal responsibility was making me sick. When someone we know gets diagnosed with cancer, there is usually no personal responsibility that person has for getting cancer. Maybe smoking is an exception.

The boy mentioned in the article isn't to blame for getting cancer. What did he do that he doesn't deserve to get the best treatment available?

We are spending trillions of dollars on the fiasco in Iraq, but we can't afford health care for all of our citizens? What a joke.

As the line from the movie Network says, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore." We can have universal, single-payer health care in this country, if we just get mad enough and direct our anger at our government and demand it.

Joe, we aren't going to take it any more. Republicans are out of touch with mainstream, middle-class Americans and the "Let them eat cake" attitude of the Republican Party is going to lead to sweeping victories for Democrats in the fall.

Bruce Fealk

Rochester Hills


Graham Davis said...

Great letter, Bruce!

Bruce Fealk said...


MIKE said...

Well put Bruce. Have you noticed - those fund raisers for someone sticken with a major illness come out of the middle class. Got to start voting your pocket book people.