Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Peters Giving Knollenberg a Run for His Money

Gary Peters' campaign is really picking up momentum. Gary's campaign came close to matching Joe Knollenberg's fund raising for the first quarter of 2008. I can't wait for some polling to come out on this race. I really feel like Gary has old Joe on the run and the Republicans know this seat is at risk due to Gary Peters being right on the issues Americans and 9th District voters care about, the economy, the war and health care.

For an 8-term incumbent, the trends are encouraging for Peters. Knollenberg only raised $282,046 from individuals. Click here for Joe's campaign finance report. Almost a third of Joe's money comes from PACs. 94% of Peters' contributions came from individuals and 90% from in-state contributors. Comparing Joe to other long-term Congress members, Joe looks like he's in real trouble this year.

Demonstrating Continued Momentum, Peters Raises More Than $346,000 for 1st Quarter 90% of Peters' Nearly $748,000 for the Cycle Raised in Michigan; 94% from Individuals

Oakland County MI – Congressional candidate Gary Peters will report raising more than $346,000 for the 1st Quarter, his strongest fundraising period to date in his 2008 bid for Congress. Peters, who will officially file tomorrow with the Federal Elections Commission, raised over $346,000 for the first quarter, bringing the total funds raised this cycle to over $748,000. The numbers also demonstrate Peters' strong support within the state, having received 90 percent of his contributions from Michigan and 94 percent from individuals.

"As I travel throughout Oakland County, people tell me over and over again they are energized by our grassroots campaign for change, because they are fed up with Washington and they are worried about the economy," said Peters. "For the past seven plus years, Joe Knollenberg has rubberstamped President Bush's disastrous economic policies every step of the way resulting in job losses, soaring gas prices, and mounting health care costs, and Oakland County voters have finally had enough."

Peters has continued to gain strong support in Oakland County by garnering several key endorsements this quarter including the League of Conservation Voters, the United Auto Workers, and his former primary opponent Nancy Skinner.

"We are thrilled with the outpouring of instate support that Gary has received from individuals in Michigan," Peters' Campaign Manager Julie Petrick said. "This just goes to show Michigan contributors from across the political spectrum are the ones fueling Gary's grassroots campaign for change, because they are tired of President Bush, Joe Knollenberg, and the Washington special interests."

Peters' momentum is underlined not only by his strong fundraising numbers, but by his support on the ground and in the grass roots community. Peters ended the quarter with nearly 2,000 contributors joining his campaign for change in Oakland County. In fact, this past weekend, at a grass roots organizing event held by the campaign, Peters recruited more than 100 volunteers.
Peters' strong fundraising quarter comes on the heels of being named to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's "Red to Blue" List.

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