Sunday, April 13, 2008

Joe Knollenberg and Bushonomics Failing

As if this is really news, the trade policies of the Bush regime, with the help of Joe Knollenberg are an abject failure. This article merely tells us what we already knew. Our manufacturing base has been leaving the country for a long time, going to low wage countries, countries that have no worker protection, no environmental laws to protect the earth from being raped and pillaged. The jobs that are left are mostly in the service sector. What does Joe Knollenberg want to do, more of the same. The Democrats want to stop the Colombia Free Trade Act, but Joe says, give me more, please. Even though Knollenberg talks all the time about saving good paying jobs, the exact opposite is true. Enough is enough. Democrats are the party that polls show the American public trusts on the economy and this is one of the reasons why.

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MIKE said...

Remember "Deep Throat's warning "follow the money"? That is why Knollenberg, Republicans and the Bush Administration push so hard for these "free trade" deals. It means lots of money in the pockets of the wealthy who because of welfare tax laws for the rich, have money to invest. They could care less about working people here in Michigan or the U.S. Cheap labor overseas just means more money in their pockets.