Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Michigan Messenger covers the 9th District Race

Democrats target Knollenberg in the state's hottest congressional race
by: Kevin Shopshire
Tuesday (04/15) at 19:30 PM
The U.S. congressional race for Michigan's 9th District is shaping up as a microcosm of the presidential election in Michigan: an evenly divided red-blue battleground whose recent voting patterns closely follow national trends. The contest has already seen angry confrontations between the candidates' supporters, dueling videographers seeking damning footage, and now a candidate with the nickname "Dr. Death."

The incumbent, U.S. Rep. Joe Knollenberg, R-Bloomfield Hills, is seeking his ninth term in the House. He faces a challenge from Gary Peters, a Democratic former state senator and lottery commissioner. Dr. Jack Kevorkian, famous for assisting more than 100 patients who wanted to commit suicide, announced in March his intention to run as an independent.

The district lies in Oakland County, a suburban area northwest of Detroit that also encompasses the city of Pontiac.

"Oakland County has been considered Republican, and most of the county commissioners are Republicans," said Glenn Clark, chair of the Republican party in the 9th Congressional District. The decision by Democratic presidential candidates Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama not to campaign in Michigan for the primary, coupled with the decision by the Democratic National Committee not to seat Michigan's presidential delegation in retaliation for moving up the presidential primary in violation of party rules, has further encouraged Knollenberg supporters.

"The district went for [Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John] Kerry in the last election," counters Democratic activist Bruce Fealk."It is definitely a swing district."
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JM said...

OK, although I am conservative, I'm no fan of Mr. Knollenberg, nor anyone else who voted for the Financial Markets Rescue bill, officially recorded as the "Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Substance Abuse Act of 2007" following such a strong and vocal opposition from the constituency. I hesitate to accept that Mr. Peters will improve on important issues that affect our taxation and ability to develop successful businesses in the state of Michigan. I would be open to listening to alternative viewpoints. I also must disagree with the summation of HR 63 as simply voting against support for the troops. Very poor summation. Thank you, James Landers