Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bush & Knollenberg Reinstate the Cold War

Just when you thought Bush and Knollenberg had done the worst things in history, they come along and top themselves!

It seems that Joe Knollenberg's rubber stamp of George Bush has led to a new crisis -- the second coming of the Cold War.

Valdimir Putin thinks Bush and Knollenberg want to restart the arms race.

Bush decided he didn't want to be held to the ABM Treaty, so he decided to ignore it. Bush is deploying missiles in Poland and the Czech Republic.

This of course has made Russia nervous. They have responded by testing missiles meant to pierce the Bush/Knollenberg Missile Defense Project. Putin said "It wasn't us who initiated a new round of the arms race."

Yes. It seems that Bush and Knollenberg can do much worse than Iraq. And they have done it.

Joe Knollenberg Isn't Competent Enough to Represent Oakland County.

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