Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Joe, Meet Franked

Once again Joe Knollenberg is showing his utter lack of respect for fiscal responsibility.

Joe Knollenberg continues to send out campaign brochures while charging the costs of preparing, printing, and mailing to taxpayers!!

Here is his latest mailing. Judge for yourself:

The purpose of the "franking" privilege is to provide members of Congress with a means of communicating important information to their constitutents. Does this mailing have anything important in it?

Campaign literature on the other hand, promotes the candidate.

What do you think this latest mailing is? Useful information that should be sent out using taxpayer money or a campaign brochure?

As we have mentioned numerous times before, Joe Knollenberg's Chief of Staff, Trent Wisecup is a Washington, D.C. LOBBYIST. Take a look at the sleazy ad campaign Wisecup ran that was AGAINST allowing seniors to save money by buying imported medicine.

See, they are all lies.
Availability of generic drugs are not preventing anyone from obtaining brand name drugs. It is the outrageous prices that prevent people from buying brand name drugs.

And the argument about the "danger" of importing medicine is funny because most of our medicine IS imported.

Very little is made on this continent. You should be worried if you order medicine from China, but then again you should be worried if the toothpaste you bought was made there too.

But medicine made in or sold in England, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, etc. all have to meet minimum safety standards. Given the incompetence of the BUSH/KNOLLENBERG administration, the programs in those countries are probably better than what the FDA is doing.

But more importantly, notice how these campaign materials look a lot like Joe Knollenberg's mailings? Glossy, but wrong.

How can you trust a guy who hires a lobbyist for a Chief of Staff.

Once again, this just shows that Joe Knollenberg lacks the judgment necessary to represent the voters of Oakland County.

Joe Knollenberg Recklessly Spends Taxpayer Money.

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