Friday, June 08, 2007

Lobbyist Runs Dishonest PR Blitz for Knollenberg

Joe Knollenberg's Chief of Staff, Trent Wisecup, is a Washington, D.C. lobbyist.

We've already given examples of the type of sleazy work Wisecup has done like lobbying AGAINST seniors being able to get less expensive medicine from Canada. Here are some links to Wisecup's work:

See, they are all lies. Availability of generic drugs are not preventing anyone from obtaining brand name drugs. It is the outrageous prices that prevent people from buying brand name drugs. And the argument about the "danger" of importing medicine is funny because most of our medicine IS imported.Very little is made on this continent.

Now, as Knollenberg's Chief Lobbyist, Wisecup is putting out similar glossy materials (at taxpayer expense) and writing letters to editors trying to cover up Knollenberg's abysmal record for the past 14 years. Knollenberg has published more letters to the editor this year than he did in the previous 14 years!

But perhaps Knollenberg would be better off investing in a proofreader:

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