Monday, June 04, 2007

Joe Supports English as Official Language, not national Language

As I was watching the Democratic debate on CNN on Sunday night, I learned the difference between having English as the "official" language and as the national language. And wow what a difference. Last week Joe NOllenberg came out in favor of English as the Official language. When the Democratic debate turned to the issue of immigration, Hillary Clinton did a little educating on the issue. Then I re-read Joe's article on immigration in the Oakland Press from last week.

If English were the official language, all government publications could only be published in English. Ballots to vote could only be printed in English and all other sorts of discrimination against individuals that do not speak English and this is probably the aim of the Republic party, to decrease the number of non-English speakers that are able to vote. The only way the Republics think then can win elections in the future is by having fewer voters that would in higher numbers vote for Democrats. That's really what the firings of the US Attorneys over.

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