Friday, March 16, 2007

The Real Reason Knollenberg Opposes CAFE Standards

Joe Knollenberg has been out proclaiming himself the defender of the universe auto industry because he opposes increasing the CAFE standards for cars and trucks.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) is:

. . . the sales weighted average fuel economy, expressed in miles per gallon (mpg), of a manufacturer’s fleet of passenger cars or light trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 8,500 lbs. or less, manufactured for sale in the United States, for any given model year. Fuel economy is defined as the average mileage traveled by an automobile per gallon of gasoline (or equivalent amount of other fuel) consumed as measured in accordance with the testing and evaluation protocol set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Knollenberg claims higher CAFE will destroy the Auto Industry. This is particularly interesting since 2 years ago his current Chief lobbyist of Staff was advocating FOR higher CAFE standards, stating that he supported Bush's proposal to raise CAFE standards because they were:

based on recommendations of the National Academy of Sciences, which would increase fuel efficiency without a negative impact on the U.S. automobile industry.
Gosh. I wonder why those higher standards would now suddenly devastate the auto industry. NO explanation from Joe or his lobbyist on that one.

Now the CAFE standard for cars has been set at 27.5 mpg for the last 17 years. Doesn't it seem like the auto companies could (and in fact probably have) done something to increase gas mileage over the last 2 decades?

Higher CAFE Standards Mean Less Money For Joe From Big Oil
But, it all makes sense now. Raising CAFE standards means consumers will use less gasoline. If we buy less gasoline, big greedy oil companies like ExxonMobil won't make as much of a profit. Maybe instead of making $40 Billion in profits every year they will only be able to make $38 or 39 Billion.

And Joe certainly doesn't want the oil companies to see any reduction in their profits -- because that might mean they would give him less money for his campaigns.

Joe Knollenberg is very cozy with the big oil interests. So cozy that he votes FOR Big Oil Profits and against average middle class families.

Here is a sample of Joe's PRO OIL/ANTI-Family votes:

* Knollenberg voted against cracking down on the oil and gas industries price gouging [HR 3402, Vote 500, 9/28/2005]
* Knollenberg voted for the GOP energy bill that gave billions to oil, gas and nuclear industries [HR 6, Vote 445, 7/28/2005]

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