Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another Bush/Knollenberg Failure

Once again, the Bush/Knollenberg Administration have failed.

One of the many and varied reasons Bush and Knollenberg gave after they instituted an unprecedented invasion of Iraq was that they wanted to "spread Democracy". Well, just as Bush and Knollenberg have failed at everything else, they have failed here as well.

The headline in the Washington Post said it best: "Takeover by Hamas Illustrates FAILURE of [Knollenberg and] Bush's Mideast Vision."

So now the Palestinians are totally run by the terrorist group, Hamas. Between the chaos in the Gaza strip, the war in Lebanon, and the civil war in Iraq, Bush and Knollenberg have made this the most dangerous period in world history.

Knollenberg and Bush have failed again.
Joe Knollenberg Isn't Competent Enough to Represent Oakland County.

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