Thursday, June 14, 2007

Knollenberg is a Failed Congressman

Here are some key examples of how Joe Knollenberg is a failure as a Congressman --

1. He has only sponsored 8 pieces of legislation in the past 6 months.

2. Not a single one of which is what would be commonly considered "major legislation", e.g., anything that would have a noticeable impact on anything.

3. Knollenberg has not had a single one of his bills voted on by the House.

4. Knollenberg has not gotten a single bill through a committee all year.

And those 8 pieces of legislation he has sponsored are pretty lame.

First, two of them are just resolutions where he asks the House to do things like have a moment of silence for something or other.

Second, it isn't difficult to propose legislation. Any member of Congress can do so. He is just either too lazy or not bright enough to come up with any useful legislation.

Third, his "proposals" are not merely lightweight, but two of them would actually be HARMFUL to the country in that they would cost a significant amount of taxpayer money to build entirely new and huge bureaucratic nightmares to monitor workplace health seminars and to tell you how to drive your car.

Joe Knollenberg is a failed Congressman.

Oakland County deserves a leader

in Congress to help put this Country on the right track.

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