Monday, June 11, 2007

Knollenberg Wants to Set Up More Big Government Bureaucracy

Apparently our Big federal government just isn't big enough for Joe Knollenberg.

Joe Knollenberg keeps looking for more ways to make the government bigger and to add more bureaucracy to our lives.

First he wanted to get the federal government involved in whether and what health seminars your company offered.

Now, according to his website, Knollenberg wants a new bureacracy to address driving habits.

Knollenberg has now introduced legislation requiring a whole new program be developed between the Department of Transportation and the Department of Energy.

How much more money will Joe Knollenberg waste before he gets the message that we don't want a big, bloated government. We don't want the government in our homes, our backyards, or our cars.

During Knollenberg's last 6 years in office, the size of the federal government has grown to the largest size in the history of the Country. And Joe Knollenberg has voted YES on every single spending bill that Bush has requested.

Joe Knollenberg is all dollars and NO SENSE!

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