Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Joe wants to waste $20 million of YOUR money

Joe Knollenberg wants to waste $20 million of your money

I can’t believe what I just read on Joe Knollenberg’s web site. Instead of coming up with a comprehensive energy plan that addresses what scientists agree is a quickening global warming problem, where the world’s glaciers are melting even faster than had previously been thought, Joe wants to waste $20 million of your money on a PR campaign. Joe is missing the big picture. Automakers and Joe want to slowly, very, very, very, slowly increase gas mileage mandated to 36 mpg by 2024, 17 years from now. Apparently Joe thinks that American engineers and auto companies can’t figure out how to get 11 more mpg for 17 years. Joe’s answer to America’s energy problem is $20 million worth of commercials that tell you to “Just go slow.” How ridiculous. What we need is a program on a par with President Kennedy’s program to land a man on the moon by the end of the 1970’s, where large amounts of talent are focused on solving the global warming crisis and as part of that Apollo like program, we challenge America’s carmakers to be part of the solution by coming up with automobiles that get 100 mpg.

Just like his health care plan to give employers a $200 tax credit for setting up health prevention programs, while leaving 47 million Americans without health care coverage, Joe believes in putting bandaids on patients that are bleeding to death when it comes to Americans’ health care system and our energy crisis. This idea reminds me of Nancy Reagan trying to address drug addiction by telling our citizens to “Just say No.”

Joe Knollenberg’s idea is a huge waste of your money. Call Joe at (202) 225-5802 or write Joe Knollenberg today and tell him to stop wasting your money.

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