Friday, June 15, 2007

Even The Auto Companies Disagree With Knollenberg on CAFE

Joe Knollenberg Opposes Increasing CAFE

Knollenberg has been complaining about efforts in Congress to raise corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards for automobiles.

Knollenberg has claimed that adopting new and more stringent CAFE standards will cripple the auto industry.

Knollenberg sent letters to Presidential candidates telling them that raising CAFE could hurt the domestic auto industry.

Knollenberg thinks adopting higher CAFE standards will literally kill people:

CAFE standards will, in fact, impact negatively all classes of vehicles because it forces the automakers to produce vehicles that Americans
don`t necessarily like. Also, it leads to a problem of downsizing vehicles to
meet those CAFE standards, which results in a vehicle that`s more vulnerable,
and thus, potentially contributory to deaths.

And in a bizarre statement that perhaps only he can understand, Knollenberg says that if we had fuel economy standards for cars before we had cars, we wouldn't have cars.

So I believe that the automobile would never have been invented if CAFE were around at the beginning, because it wouldn`t have been able to meet the tests, standards or requirements.

In fact, Knollenberg claims to be so anti-CAFE, the Oakland Press reports that "Knollenberg said his motto is: Alternative Fuels Yes, CAFE No Way."

On his own blog he claims to not oppose increasing fuel economy or reducing dependence on foreign oil, but with respect to CAFE, Knollenberg states: "We don't need the job-killing regulation".

Heck he took out an entire new website just to say things like "They want to impose job-killing increases in CAFE standards on our domestic auto industry. This will benefit Toyota and Honda and lead to fewer jobs and declining home values in Michigan and throughout the Great Lakes region."

But Joe Knollenberg is wrong. Even the Auto Industry disagrees with Knollenberg.

Chrysler Supports Increase In CAFE Standard

Chrysler is supporting new legislation to increase CAFE!! The Free Press reports:

LaSorda said Chrysler supports a new proposal by Michigan Sens. Carl Levin
and Debbie Stabenow that would require car companies to meet a new standard of 36 miles per gallon for cars by 2022 and 30 miles per gallon for trucks by 2025 with no exceptions.

So, once again, Joe Knollenberg is wrong.

Just exactly who is Joe Knollenberg representing? He clearly isn't representing the Auto Industry.

Joe Knollenberg is Wrong for Michigan's Auto Industry.

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virginian said...

I've also read about the compromise that is being proposed by Sen. Levin a few others. It sounds like its definitely the way to go – its bipartisan, includes increases to current CAFE standards (one’s that are achievable for the auto industry) and also prioritizes alternative fuels and new technologies as well. I do some work with the AAM and they have a lot of really good details about the legislation that is going through this week in Washington. If your at all interested in these regulations they are working on its really important to find out now since they are probably finishing it up this week on the Hill so they can go back to immigration.